The 8 Best Moments From Jo Koy's Filipino Family Film "Easter Sunday"

The 8 Best Moments From Jo Koy's Filipino Family Film "Easter Sunday"
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The 8 Best Moments From Jo Koy's Filipino Family Film "Easter Sunday"

Comedian and actor Jo Koy breaks barriers with the release of his feel-good Filipino film produced by Steven Spielberg's production company Amblin Entertainment.

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Jo Koy makes his big move from comedy stand-up specials, to the big screen in this historical movie being one of the first Filipino family films produced by an American company.


Unique Nicole / WireImage

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!


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PeacockTV / Via

Best Moments


Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

1. Joe Valenica gives a standup bit during the church service.


Universal Pictures. / Via

The pastor teases Joe into coming to the alter and giving a few words about his recent success in Hollywood. This turns into a display of Joe's comedy skills and a moment for him to attempt to reconcile his feuding mother and aunt. 

2. Joe tries to sell the stolen Manny Pacquiao gloves to Marvin for $40K.


Universal Pictures / Via

After his cousin Eugene gets his hands on the famous Manny Pacquiao gloves from his boxing match, Joe attempts to sell them to Marvin to obtain the money they owe Dev Deluxe.

3. Joe is pulled over by his high school ex, Vanessa, in a traffic stop.


Universal Pictures / Via

While speeding home to make Easter Sunday dinner, Joe is pulled over by his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa (played by Tiffany Haddish), whom he ghosted. This leads to a hilarious argument that ends with Ruth faking a pregnancy to avoid a ticket. 

4. The family sends gifts to the Philippines.


Universal Pictures / Via

The family gathers to show off the gifts they are sending over to their family in the Philippines, showing the significance of this tradition. This leads to the mother and aunt having a heated argument.

5. Junior begins to have a crush on Ruth.


Universal Pictures. / Via

Upon Ruth's first time seeing Junior, she points out he must be a private school kid from Beverly Hills who isn't in touch with his culture. She drops small gems to him about the reality of Filipino culture, which he embraces as he begins to have a crush on her. 

6. The family attacks Dev Deluxe for coming at Manny Pacquiao.


Universal Pictures. / Via

While holding the family hostage, Dev Deluxe makes a joke about Manny Pacquiao being famous for losing to Floyd Mayweather. In this moment, the family didn't care that Dev and his crew had guns, and they immediately jumped to defend Manny with all their hearts. 

7. Joe resolves his mom and aunt's feud through karaoke.


Universal Pictures / Via

After a heated family argument, Joe insists that one thing his Filipino family can't resist is karaoke. He gathers them together to sing and this leads to a beautiful family moment where his mother and aunt hug, ending their feud. 

8. Joe knocks out Dev Deluxe in the Manny Pacquiao gloves.


Universal Pictures. / Via

In an attempt to save the family from Dev Deluxe and his crew, Joe's uncle causes a distraction while Joe puts on the Manny Pacquiao gloves and knocks out Dev Deluxe cold. 

What are your favorite parts of the film? Let us know and watch the trailer below!

View this video on YouTube

Universal Pictures / Via

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